Wine of Mammoli

The production philosophy of wine Le Capanne di Mammoli is based on the belief that wine should be the most authentic expression of his homeland.

Respect for the uniqueness of the terroir guide all aspects of production and results in limited quantities to ensure the highest quality and a precise attention to detail, from the collection by hand to the vinification and aging to the individual plots of each vineyard.

The moderating influence of the Mediterranean Sea to prevent drastic climate changes and the vines bloom and ripen early, thanks to the stable and relatively warm microclimate that is developed with an extraordinary brightness during the last stages of maturation.

Due to the microclimate of the 'amphitheater mastianese "the harvest here is to advance and takes about a week before the hills of Lucca.


The selected grapes come from that land that by tradition and techniques to better express the typical local area with wrinkled unique.


An area to keep that winning the last century an international clientele with a red wine of outstanding value.











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