Swimming Pool

The pool of Mammoli Castle is nestled on a rooftop terrace and was obtained from a water cistern that was used to recover the rainwater that were once the only resource of the castle along the old Roman well for the provisioning of 'water.

Because of this recovery tank of the old pool is not very large but has a breathtaking view over the surrounding hills and is surrounded by olive trees with a very confortable and spacious terrace.

The pool terrace is situated on the sunny hill and panoramic hill overlooking the whole of the Church where you can relax Mammoli focusing my gaze on the hills surrounding a highly unusual optical and tasting the wine product of the Castle Mammoli.

The swimming pool surrounded by lush green hills of Mammoli also offers the opportunity to enjoy the view from another terrace also on the city of Lucca, which is the setting.

Mammoli The Castle offers its guests the opportunity to connect with the rest of the world even in the pool through the Access System.

The pool is also equipped with a gazebo where you can shelter from the sun and comfortable armchairs desing that with typical fine materials such as terracotta and wood, create amazing harmonies of color and give the home a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Thanks to its unique location the pool is an integral part of the body of the Castle Mammoli creating a special blend of ancient and modern.












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