Castello di Mammoli dont have inside the restaurant leans Antica Locanda di Sesto located only 5 min. drive from the structure that is able to offer fast and efficient service.


For this reason we suggest you call in advance before arriving at the Castello di Mammoli in order to reserve a table and stay there before coming to the facility to avoid having to fall back later.


Antica Locanda di Sesto offers its customers an accurate range of local dishes, in our region that contains the sum of simple tastes and refined.

Olive oil from locally produced organic wines red and white, edited by Azienda Agricola Antica Locanda di Sesto.

From seasonal vegetables to meat from local farms, game, abundant in adjacent wooded areas.

  Particular attention is paid to quality 'of food, raw materials used, methods of preparation, who approach the most' genuine local traditions.

An eye on even the most 'popular international cuisine, so as to leave no more' satisfied that any customer.



Antica Locanda di Sesto

Long. 10° 31' 37'' O Lat. 43° 55' 26'' N

Via Ludovica 1660
55029 Sesto di Moriano - Lucca - Italy



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