A curve, a straight and another curve again: we are in the heart of the hills of Lucca, between small villages and ancient churches lonely, scroll down the gentle slopes of the hills of  Mammoli.

A land of ancient traditions, civilized in ancient times, first by the Etruscans - of which there are many examples - and then by the Romans.
 Given today's famous wine-growing land particularly high quality, it was already intensively cultivated in ancient times due to its favorable climatic conditions and environmental factors.
The mild climate, in fact, the rich forests and fertile soil here greeted the man from the second millennium BC, but it was the first change to the Etruscan civilization in the Chianti countryside, passing from sheep farming.

The Etruscans were right to introduce the cultivation of the vine.

They were succeeded by the Romans strengthened agricultural development, in particular starting the cultivation of olives, oil holding a valuable product that, in addition to dietary habits, could be used for lighting homes.
When you enter the Castle Mammoli, our staff will put you immediately at ease, in a welcoming and comfortable environment making you look like a prince returned to his own abode.

The friendly and intimate, welcoming guests of any nationality ', with affable' and courtesy.

The knowledge
of several languages ​​gives an immediate feeling of being in a family environment.

Castle Mammoli, old house, in his only sixteen rooms, allows guests to enjoy a personal relationship with the managers, which will be available for the most 'diverse needs.

 Ample parking for guests.











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