Source of the Wolf
Some people think that the holiday in the hills is boring, dull, cold.

We were wrong!

On the hill there is a lot of fun, is unparalleled living experience, you get a tan, you can relax from the toils of labor.

Diving with the body and soul in the nature Tuscany is to take a leap into a fairytale world and the best things in life are free, and this is certainly the case of the hidden beauty of the Source of the Wolf is located in the stretch between the communication Suite Accommodation  and Hotel Villa Volpi, who is called the Path of the Wolf.

Given that numerous sources and springs, still alive in the memories of many, are inevitably disappear over time as a result of urbanization or because ducted, the Source of the Wolf is conserved in Mastiano integrates where you can drink straight from the source and use of this possibility as drinking water the country before the coming of the aqueduct.

A flow of natural water spring that flows from springs in part from Montecatino and collected in an old wash-house, once used by villagers for washing clothes Mastiano, is the place where visitors can relax under the shade of olive trees between the green ferns.

The surprising thing is that this natural wonder, though popular with locals, has just mentioned in tourist guides.

Perhaps because the Source of the Wolf, is really off the beaten track of mass tourism.

You have to walk along a dirt road in the country, reaching up to an old wooden marker and after a brief excursion into a grove of oak trees to meet the source











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