Living Room

The Castle Mammoli has two rooms furnished with eighteenth and nineteenth centuries constitute the real heart of the fortress.

Within them
, guests can enjoy moments of relaxation and intimate conversation with an exceptional view from the windows that appear framework depicting landscapes from Tuscany.

The furniture
and comfortable sofas provide environments more 'suitable for pleasant reading in the library of the castle located on the upper floor near the pool, is to enjoy a cup of tea', which to relax comfortably in front of the TV.


Castle does not neglect the last Mammoli teconologie, and offers its guests the possibility 'of being in an idyllic corner of nature and at the same time to connect with the rest of the world through the Internet point of our locations.


The Castle Mammoli also lets you connect both cable in every room or via our Wi-Fi to connect to any part of the structure through handhelds and notebooks.

All guests also offers this service in 'Piazza S. Michele' the main street of the city of Lucca.











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